Departure Part 2

I drove mechanically towards my destination. Once I reached the main North-South highway, I found it virtually deserted. I configured the cruise control mechanism and tried to relax as I cycled through the radio station morning shows in search of any station that would play something even remotely recognizable.

“No such luck.”

I turned off the radio. Lulled by the repetitive scenery along the highway, my mind began to wander.

“What would they do when they found out?”

“Could they force me to come back?”

“Would I become yet another murder statistic?”

“Would the US government agents who’d just months before warned us we were on a political “death list” help them find me?”

I pulled off the highway and drove towards the main entrance to the University. It didn’t take me long to spot the occupied, white pickup truck in the near empty parking lot. Pulling into my usual spot, I turned off the car engine, grabbed my suitcase, and retrieved the “goodbye” letter I’d penned the night before and hidden in a middle pocket of my backpack.

I placed the car keys on the drivers seat and covered them with the letter, locked the car door, and exited the vehicle

As I walked towards the man waiting in the white pickup truck, my thoughts were on the keys locked in the car. I realized the decision was made the moment I’d locked the door.

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Departure Part 1

This is an account of events that actually happened. The names have been changed to protect the parties involved. Feedback welcome….


My hands shook as I nervously slid open my bedroom window. I waited a moment or two for sounds of movement within the household and scanned the area outside my window for signs of life. The world was still. Dawn had broken but the Sun had not yet risen.

I grabbed my overstuffed, grey Samsonite suitcase and held my breath as I hoisted it over the windowsill and lowered it onto the lush green lawn below.

It was 6am. The household would be stirring soon. Any noise I made was a step closer to punishment. Punishment meant failure. Punishment was not an option.

I deftly closed the window and held my breath as I waited once more for any signs that my noise had awoken someone. All was still as I reached for my backpack, slid it over my shoulders, and walked towards my bedroom door.

Every sound was jarring to my own senses. Every step between my bedroom and the foyer echoed. I reached for the car keys and made it out the door. The countdown had begun. I had to get to the rendezvous point and get as much distance between us as possible before they discovered my absence.

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My First Blog Post

There’s something to be said for first blog posts. It seems reasonable to believe that first posts are likely composed by individuals fueled with the intent of contributing further, if not on a regular basis.

Ever wonder how many people actually make it past the first post, or indeed the first week of posting?  There are quite a few blog statistics floating around which claim most blogs fail within the first three months. As none seem to cite sources, the accuracy of these statistics is questionable.

Blog hosting giants such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and Technorati most likely do keep stats on how many blogs sit idle, if not abandoned after first post. Blogger doesn’t share statistics. The obvious reason being, most statistics likely wouldn’t mesh well with their operating business models. The point of such hosting is to draw in new bloggers, not reiterate the fact that many people simply give up on their blogs.

Those who can form the habit and stick with blogging may reap the benefits. A 5-year old study conducted on a whopping 96 people, and published in the European Journal of Social Psychology offers that it takes on average, 66 days to form a habit.

Should a blogging habit survive the 66 day – 3 month critical “habit forming” period, what are some positives of blogging? As it happens, Ignitespot has put together a neat little infographic on the topic.


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